Retirement Gone Wild… Reflections of a Golden Aged Knitter and Incurrable Craftsperson

As my 70th birthday began creeping up on me I knew it was time to retire from a real estate career where I had spent many happy years putting excited families into the home of their dreams. Retirement was a shocking loss of my identity. Real Estate was who I had been for such a very long time. 


With time in my hands I dug out the knitting needles and began knitting socks. Bed socks and boot socks… friend

s and family just loved them and begged for “just one more pair”.

Once I got friends and family well heeled and began to accumulate many pair of ladies size 7 to 9 cozy hand knit socks… with a huge leap of faith… I rolled out the SlicKnits sock shops at both and

I already had had a presence at Etsy in my Bauble Bin Beads shop (August of 2011). That business took off like a rocket. The success of Bauble Bin Beads allowed me to open SlicKnits where I happily sell my popular Canadian hand knit ladies socks to new friends around the world. 
I knit all the socks and mittens myself without outside manufacturing assistance. This shop produces truly handmade items and there is no outsourcing or off shore manufacturing involved in the process. I operate a truly handmade cottage industry shop. The sock and mitten designs are also my very own.

Free Shipping Worldwide from

Etsy and Zibbet have turned out to be a perfect fit and have provided me with a wonderful new beginning where friendships are abundant… where other sellers offer a helping hand to those who might be struggling… and a wonderful environment in which to conduct a line of successful businesses.

Do I love online selling? Yep, I sure do and just cannot wipe this silly grin off my face when I jump out of bed each morning and get busy with my shops. Talk about happy ending… I’m living one. Oh, did I forget to mention I’m Canadian?

I knit like I breathe…. effortlessly